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I have an accounting system! Why should I switch?

Imagine its Monday morning and the end of month, you start work and find out that 3 customers were not properly billed, your sales team is trying to sell something that’s out of stock and your cost of sales numbers from last week look really wrong! So, what should you do? What’s the problem?  

It’s probably your accounting system! 

Perhaps the information is not updated because you have multiple spreadsheets to update, too much data entry, and your sales system is showing different information from your accounting system.  

If your business is growing and your business transactions are becoming more complex, it may be time to consider upgrading.   Another sign you should probably upgrade your accounting system is when it makes you and your team do more work than you should.  Imagine if you can manage your entire revenue lifecycle for EACH customer on one platform, where all your team has access to all the information in real time and it’s all automated.   

If you find yourself making business decisions based on what your accounting system can do instead of what you must do, then as they saying goes… “Houston we have a problem!” Your accounting software should help you make more accurate and strategic decisions, by providing you the correct tools such as dashboards with customized KPIs, real time information and more! 

Another sign you should change accounting systems is when you are using too many apps that are not connected with one another. You are probably using an app for inventory, another for invoices, another for finance and they don’t talk to each other!  This will cause you more heartache and will likely leave your people frustrated. Having all centralized in one platform will help you increase productivity, reduce error margin and more. 

Whether your business is growing fast, your team is doing more work than they should or you’re at that moment when you’re making decisions based on what your software can provide and not what you need, then you definitely need to consider changing your accounting software.  

Clear Cloud One helps you build the business of your dreams by solving your biggest software challenges.  We can help you implement the leading Accounting Apps such as Sage Intacct and Accounting Seed.