How Clear Cloud One Helps

Avoid Implementation Snafus

Have you or your team attempted a do-it-yourself integration of Salesforce or Sage Intacct and found that it wasn't as easy or quick as you had hoped? Perhaps something that wasn't broken before was broken by the new features. The fact that your IT staff is conversant with cutting-edge technology is no guarantee of success. Or that having an IT expert construct it in their preferred manner guarantees that the rest of the staff will "understand" and adopt it. What happens if the group declines to use it? You can count on us for assistance.

Remove Process Delays

Mistakes are made when humans are involved in a procedure that might otherwise be fully automated. However, 90% of bottlenecks are caused by human intervention. If the mistakes are costly, your company's image will suffer. Therefore, whether you have employees solely responsible for conducting manual procedures or, even worse, other employees trying to fit it in between other, more pressing responsibilities, the delays can accumulate, causing the days to turn into weeks and the weeks into months.
Speed-Up Month-End Close
Remember this. Month-end can grind to a halt due to simple tasks like exporting records in mm/dd/yy format from one software, changing them to yy/mm/dd in Excel, and re-importing them. Worse, doing this for numerous data conversions might add days or weeks to the time it takes to close the month. Even though Sage Intacct is a formidable program, are you getting your money's worth from it? The speed of month end close is an important indicator.
Maximize Renew, Upsells, & Cross-Sell Revenue
By automating renewals and using tools that highlight upsell and cross-sell opportunities, you can free up your staff to focus on bringing in new business without sacrificing existing customer revenue opportunities. We can reframe the way you calculate the cost of wasted opportunities.
Improve Sales-Cycle Efficiency
Tired of the time-consuming and inefficient "search and replace" method of creating proposals and contracts? DocuSign, AdobeSign, PandaDoc, Conga Composer, DrawLoop, and Formstack Documents are some of the tools we use to pull real-time data and end the inefficiency. Or are you tired of waiting for the final signature on a "done transaction" while you watch the clock tick by? We incorporate electronic signing to ensure that the business sales cycle isn't ever slowed, or deals lost because you are waiting for a paper signature.

With the help of Clear Cloud One, we can automate everything and implement controls to do away with the need for the numerous inspections and rechecks that are currently draining the time and energy of your accounting team.

Want to learn more?

Please provide the following information and one of our team members will get in touch with you ASAP. You can also contact one of our account executives at 1-877-881-1091.

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