November 17, 2022

Is a Native Salesforce Accounting Solution Right for You?

Many businesses that initially use Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM) later decide to run their accounting functions on the same powerful, easy-to-use Salesforce platform. When you make that decision, you face an important decision: Should you use native or non-native Salesforce accounting software?

What are native Salesforce accounting solutions?

Accounting products like Accounting Seed are considered native to Salesforce because they are built using Salesforce’s IT architecture. Since they use the same API as Salesforce, native software solutions can reliably connect with other applications on the Salesforce platform without requiring a new integration.  

A single-platform solution like this can be implemented quickly, without fees for developing and maintaining the integration. You get a single source of truth for your financial data, and because data is contained entirely within the Salesforce platform, it is easier to access and more manageable. For example, when you initiate a bill in Salesforce, the data will automatically show up in your general ledger for easy processing and recognition.  

What are non-native Salesforce accounting solutions?

Your other option is a multi-platform solution in which you integrate a non-native Salesforce accounting solution with your Salesforce platform. Non-native software doesn’t connect organically to Salesforce, so you will have to integrate it, often with the help of a connector.

If you decide to take a multi-platform approach, we recommend a best-in-class accounting solution like Sage Intacct that offers a reliable connector that is always updated and doesn’t require user maintenance. 

Be aware that some other non-native accounting software solutions require improvised connectors, imports, and downloads, which operate like individual bulbs on a strand of Christmas lights. It’s wonderful when they all work, but every bulb you add increases the possibility of an error or disruption. If even one bulb burns out, your entire system could go down.

Find the platform you need

Clear Cloud One provides businesses and nonprofits with customized, single-platform solutions to grow fast, simplify operations, and minimize staffing requirements. By connecting best-of-breed Salesforce and Sage Intacct solutions, our CPAs and Salesforce certified professionals can help you scale your business efficiently and increase profits without all the headaches of managing multiple business systems. 

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