August 8, 2022

How to Solve Accounting Dysfunction

No business sets out to create a dysfunctional accounting system. We all know the importance of business accounting and the high cost of doing it poorly. And yet, every year thousands of businesses find themselves in a spiral of accounting dysfunction that they didn’t see coming and don’t know how to escape. 

Let’s take a closer look at why this is and what you can do to avoid the dysfunction.

What is accounting dysfunction?

As detailed in this video, accounting dysfunction is what happens when growing businesses rapidly add complexity, uniqueness, and volume. When the number of users grows and data demands increase, businesses typically respond by making iterative changes like adding new apps. That, in turn, leads to IT integration problems and the need to add middleware, hire IT experts, and take on other costs that only increase complexity.

You see where this is going. Businesses can’t afford to keep adding IT support and hardware and software solutions to keep up with their growth. Doing so is not scalable, the results aren’t reliable, and the changes can’t take place fast enough to keep pace with business expansion.

A better path to growth

We recommend two great solutions to help our clients overcome accounting dysfunction and can help you determine which one is best for your specific situation. 

Sage Intacct is best-in-class accounting and financial management software that offers amazing out-of-the-box functionality and scalability. It’s cloud-based, making it easy to access data anytime and anywhere, and it integrates easily with other cloud services like Salesforce, ADP, and 

As your business grows, Sage Intacct's core financials save you time by automating your most critical business processes, including speeding consolidations. Best-in-class, multi-dimensional reporting delivers real-time insights across multi-entities, and you get greater visibility into your real-time business performance. 

Accounting Seed is another solution that provides a highly customizable platform to address complex requirements. Native to the Salesforce Platform, Accounting Seed combines accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide a full view of your business on one easy-to-manage platform.

One of the biggest benefits of Accounting Seed is that it provides a single source of truth, so you can consolidate all your back-office data sources. No matter how quickly your business grows, that means you can easily track your financial data through the entire business cycle, from marketing to sales to back-office accounting and financial statements. 

Get the integration you need

Clear Cloud One helps businesses and nonprofits tackle their most pressing challenges, including building strong, stable, and sustainable financial foundations. Our CPAs and Salesforce certified professionals can help you determine whether Sage Intacct or Accounting Seed is the best option for your business, and then help you implement and maintain your solution.

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