August 18, 2022

Five Benefits of Using One Business Platform

Many businesses stumble into what’s known as a multi-platform approach. The sales team prefers one software platform that they’re trained in and accustomed to using. Meanwhile, the finance team prefers using another platform, and other teams across the business have their favorite software too.

Sounds okay, doesn’t it? Everybody’s using what they like. But pretty soon, businesses find that a lot of time goes into managing and building bridges between all those different platforms. Errors creep in, time is wasted, there’s confusion and complexity, and information isn’t getting to the right people in time to inform important decisions.

All of these challenges are why we recommend a one-platform approach that puts sales, finance, and operations on a single best-in-class platform like Sage Intacct or Accounting Seed. Here are five benefits of this single-platform approach.

1.One source of truth

With one business platform, there’s a single source of truth, so you can easily track financial data through the entire business cycle, from marketing to sales to back-office accounting. 

2. Less manual work

When you put all your data into a single platform, there’s no need to spend time rearranging data, building integration software, or moving data from one platform to another.

3. Fewer errors

Errors are costly, and manual processes and multiple sources of truth increase the chances of making a mistake. Platforms like Sage Intacct and Accounting seed provide extensive automations and integrations to reduce errors.

4. Better decision-making

When all your data flows into a shared platform, people across the business can stay more engaged. Everyone can see the real-time data they need, when they need it, which makes collaboration across departments easier and fuels better decision-making.

5. Scale at will

Businesses with multiple platforms often find that growing the business is difficult. They have to add even more software, more processes, and more people to manage their growth. Conversely, with a single platform, you can scale efficiently. You can cope with all the added data and demand without bringing on more staff, and you can keep making smart decisions as you grow because all the data you need remains at your fingertips, whether you have one location or 20. 

Find the platform you need

Clear Cloud One provides businesses and nonprofits with a single-platform solution to grow fast, simplify operations, and minimize staff. By connecting best-of-breed Salesforce and Sage Intacct solutions, our CPAs and Salesforce certified professionals can help you scale your business efficiently and increase profits without the headaches of managing multiple business systems. 

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