July 19, 2022

The Best Software for Integrating Finance and Sales

The Best Software for Integrating Finance and Sales

We’ve previously discussed the many reasons that businesses are choosing to transition to a single-platform software solution that fully integrates financial management with sales. In short, it’s a smart way to increase automation, reduce errors, and accelerate cash flow.

Here’s the catch: There are a lot of customer relationship management (CRM) and financial management solutions available, and many of them claim to work well together. There are also all-in-one suites that claim to do it all out of the box. If you find yourself struggling to determine which of the many sales and finance tools you should choose for the best results, we’re here to help.

Choose best-of-breed cloud solutions

At the risk of stating the obvious, we believe that the best way to create the best single-platform solution is to bring together the best of both worlds, combining a best-of-breed CRM with a best-of-breed financial management solution.

For sales, we recommend Salesforce, the industry-leading, cloud-based CRM platform used by over 150,000 companies worldwide. Known for its ease of use, Salesforce provides every department with a single shared view of all your customers. It’s easy to customize and upgrade, is available 24/7, and offers innovative tools to give you deeper insight into your business and your customers.

For finance, we recommend Sage Intacct, the best-in-class accounting and financial management software solution. Like Salesforce, Sage Intacct is a native cloud solution famous for its ease of use and the deep visibility it provides to businesses. It’s the first and only financial management solution endorsed by the AICPA, and it provides deep multi-dimensional accounting and automation for efficient financial operations.

Of course, it’s also critical that Salesforce and Sage Intacct work well together—and they do. In fact, the two companies work together to ensure a seamless integration that’s easy to configure and upgrade. Salesforce’s Chatter feed is even embedded inside Sage Intacct, so sales and finance teams can collaborate with ease.

Get the integration you need

Clear Cloud One provides businesses and nonprofits with a single-platform solution to grow fast, simplify operations, and minimize staff. By connecting best-of-breed Salesforce and Sage Intacct solutions, our CPAs and Salesforce certified professionals can help you scale your business efficiently and increase profits without the headaches of managing multiple business systems. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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