Vendor Portal Overview

Improve productivity by allowing the vendors a self-service functionality that will 
streamline the supply chain and service processing 

Automated Vendor 

 Digitize Signing of Vendor
Automate Password Management &
 Automate Vendor Portal Access
 Approvals & Routing
 Automate tax & other document

Vendor Portal

 Self Service Access to Information
 Control web portal pages without a programmer using CMS 
 Asset Library provides secure 
access to important documents &

Automated Accounting Seed Integration

 Full digitization and automation 
of payments processes
 Automate Exchange of Purchase
 Orders, Approvals,& Invoices
 Provide secure visibility as to the status 
of the vendor’s P.O.’s, Invoices and
 Enable access to any Accounting Seed 
object in the Salesforce CRM 

Clear Cloud One Vendor Portal

The sample fictitious medical clinic below has granted access to a supplier via the Vendor 
Portal.  The vendor, upon logging in, can upload their W-9 tax information and access 
vendor guidelines, best practices via the Asset Library, and view trainings on the training 

Standard Vendor Portal 

The power of the Vendor Portal environment allows you to access to any Salesforce object on the platform, managed or unmanaged.  Our professional services teams can leverage the Portal and CMS to provide you with a custom portal application that your team can manage going forward.
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